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Theo Marshall has always had something to do with Transport, always driving or riding something, and has been responsible for a major road project. Combined with his interest in sustainability, it was only natural his company Sustainable Transport Company evolved as a result of those associations.

As an observation, during working hours, he observed approximately 90% of vehicles only had one person in them. What a waste and all competing for our limited road and parking space.

With approximately 50,000 new vehicles coming on our roads every year, we are already seeing severe congestion and the present system is simply not sustainable.

The biggest problem is conventional vehicles with only one person in them or the people per vehicle footprint is far larger than is necessary.

A solution is to encourage commuters wherever possible where there is just one person or maybe two, to use smaller vehicles that don't take up nearly so much space yet still get the people to where they want to go and back.

Electric scooter technology has evolved to such a stage as to be a viable alternative to conventional vehicles. Electric scooters can now go fast and far enough for many of the commuters with the bonus of not emitting any CO2 emissions. They can also be used socially as they are fun to ride, very responsive and can be used for most purposes while costing almost nothing to run or maintain.

Theo's mission is to help develop a more sustainable transport and parking system using this latest electric scooter technology.

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